UPDATE: January1, 2021

Giant Step Design Co. is not currently accepting new clients of projects. Would love to hear about your branding and design needs, and we will try to match you up with one of our talented friends.

Music. Merch. Beer & Wine. Festivals. Coffee. Outdoor Sports.

These are the good things in life. Giant Step Design Co. wants to help you promote your connection to them.

Giant Step Design Co. is a small graphic design studio based in Roanoke, Virginia.

We specialize in branding, graphic art, art direction and creative consulting for businesses, musicians, special events and all things related to a better life quality and leisure activities. Through in-house expertise and interdisciplinary collaboration, Giant Step Design Co. can assemble the team necessary to meet the design needs of any business or group. Drop us a line to get started.

JOSH GIBSON  |  Owner / Designer

Josh Gibson is founder, owner and lead designer for Giant Step Design Co. With over a decade of professional design experience, Josh is continuously learning and sharpening his skills and his eye for visual communication. Josh approaches every project with a goal of creating a compelling message that will resonate with target audiences. Whether working independently or as part of an assembled team of regular collaborators, he believes that design can be beautiful, unpretentious and effective by approaching it from a practical and unconventional perspective.

Josh lives with his wife and three children on their family farm in Franklin County, Virginia, just outside Roanoke.